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How Visalus helps people with Diabetes

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I have some relatives on my mom's side who have had limbs amputated due to diabetes, and my cousin actually died because of it. So I am trying to spread the word about Visalus, as it has helped soooo many people! Visalus products have actually helped some Type 2 Diabetics get off Insulin, and it helps people with Type 1 as well! You can watch a bunch of video testimonials below. 

If you regularly have to use glucose test strips, an insulin pump, reservoir, quick-sets, glucose meter, lancets, lancing device, and finger pricks, my goal is to help you in any way I can. I know those diabetic supplies are NOT CHEAP TO BUY! If it is at all possible to help you eliminate any of those supplies, I would like to help you do that. I've seen this happen for Type 2 diabetics, and I do know that Type 1 diabetics can be helped as well. 

If you are diabetic because you struggle with your weight, I also created a page with some tips on how to lose weight (and will be posting more!). I made videos to address the psychological barriers that go along with weight loss.

And, you can see lots of video testimonials about people who have lost weight with Visalus, here:

Visalus is a great option because it's SUPER nutritional (the products are chelated so your body absorbs them at an optimal level) and the shakes. But I also want to say, you can always get good results losing weight and keeping your blood sugar down, if you were to eat a diet that's 90 percent vegetables and fruit! Some people just really like Visalus because it's really easy to prepare and drink, and make sure you are getting proper nutrition. A visalus shake has less than ONE gram of sugar! It can also help you SAVE money, because they can help you cut back on your food intake (if it is above what you know it should be). 

Please watch the videos below. And if you know someone who has diabetes... Please share this with them.

Oh yeah, and you can also get a free sample of Visalus. Just contact me through the free sample link on the right side of the page : ).

Thank you to everyone who shared their story. All of these testimonials are available through Google, if you'd like to learn more or contact anyone directly.

Enjoy the videos...


This is a fantastic video testimonial of a woman who had Gestational Diabetes, and was helped by Visalus!

One more thing... if you place an order this summer, I will send you a free gift, just for trying it out!

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